April is already gone already! Woah! So long birthday month.

Here are some of my favorites from such a great month!


  • Skoshbox Treats: This is what I love about having a monthly box subscription, trying new things! Two of my absolute favorites from this months box were the strawberry mochi and the premium grape hi-chews. Mouth-watering reminders of Japan. 

  • Shin Ramen Black: Given to me by my manager, this cup of instant ramen is probably the best I have ever had. Just the fix I need to satiate my Japan cravings.
  • Matcha, Matcha Affogato from Drip Affogato Bar: While in New Orleans this month, I visited this recommendation from a friend and was so impressed. Affogato is a usually coffee-based dessert in which you pour coffee over ice cream, but I choose the matcha option. Therefore, I had matcha tea to pour over matcha ice cream. It was a matcha made in heaven.

  • Halo Top ice cream: After quite a while, I finally got my hands on some Halo Top ice cream. Favorite flavor so far: Birthday Cake. I tried Red Velvet and was surprisingly unimpressed. Chocolate Chip Cookie dough is a close second.
  • Talenti Roman Raspberry: I am a huge sorbet fan; there’s just something I love about the tart flavors vs the sweet flavors. So I finally bought my first Talenti, and in the most perfect flavor. So good and refreshing!
  • Quest Chocolate Cereal Bar: You may be familar with Quest bars or their Protein Chips (love!), but now they’re making cereal bars! What?! I wasn’t fond of trying the cinnamon roll flavor since I don’t like cinnamon rolls to begin with and the waffle flavor just seemed strange to me. Chocolate was the winner.


  • Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino: You read that right. I had to try this wacky drink, because I just love trying everything from Starbucks. Not going to lie, I mainly did it for the ‘gram, as they say. It’s quite a pretty drink but WOAH diabetes, so much sugary sweetness.


  • Pro Compression April Sock of the Month: Meet Geo, the April Sock of the Month. Very 80’s right? Such a different style and I love it!
  • Pro Compression Black & Yellow Stripes: I like to call this pair after my favorite hockey team, the Bruins because the color of course! Perfect sock to represent my team, even though this sock was meant for a certain marathons colors.
  • Road I.D.: My first Road I.D.! About time I got myself one. After contemplating getting one for the past couple years, I finally made my decision. I don’t have any major medical issues, but I want to have some form of I.D. on me should anything happen on one of my runs. Better safe than sorry!
  • Sarah Marie Design Studio merchandise: This woman has some awesome merchandise for runners and I couldn’t help but snag a view pieces this month. I recently purchased two of the mugs she sales, but this time I purchased a couple shirts that say just the right things.

  • Saucony Kinvara 7’s: Thanks to an incredible sale at the Crescent City Classic Expo, I am now the proud owner of two pairs of Saucony’s that I had been eyeing.
Also got them in black

  • Tokyo Marathon 2017 Saucony’s Kinvara 8’s:
    I had to have these bad boys as soon as I laid eyes on them. Not only is the Tokyo Marathon high up on my to-do list, but I absolutely love Japan AND we got engaged in front of Mt. Fuji, which features on the shoe. Makes sense why I had to have the now? They were my birthday gift from my sweet fiance.
  • World of Warcraft Murloc Plushies: This was my first time buying Blizzard Entertainment merchandise, but there was a sale and this is my favorite game AND murlocs are freaking adorable. I bought four that are now taking over my bed with Gudetama.


  • Red Sox Opening Day: Because what baseball fan doesn’t love Opening Day? We wait so long for this day!
  • Romeo’s Fifth Birthday: I just can’t believe we’ve had Romeo for five year’s now. We celebrated with dog treats, new toys, and a new collar. And I ran five miles in honor of his age.
  • Crescent City Classic 10k: Such a great race with amazing views of New Orleans. The weather was perfect, as well as the distance. Definitely a race I plan to do again every year.

  • Boston Marathon: Besides Opening Day, this is also one of the greatest days of the year if I do say so myself. Any runner would agree. There is just something I love about watching the race and cheering on all my runner buds that are racing it. It is such an inspiring day and I hope to be a part of it.
  • My Birthday: 22 isn’t so exciting, but it was a good day despite that. 
  • Attack on Titan // Season 2: Finally season two has graced us with it’s presence. This is seriously in my top five favorite anime’s. I highly recommend.
  • My Day in New Orleans: The day that I had to pick up my Crescent City Classic packet, I ran a couple miles around New Orleans and stopped by Drip, just having the best day exploring the city solo. I love how close New Orleans is and I definitely need to make a point to visit more often.
  • London Marathon: Another marathon on my list took place this month and I just couldn’t contain myself thinking about how I missed out on getting handed water by the Royal Family! Uh, sign me up!

Book of the Month

  • Attack on Titan manga: This still counts! Literally the only reading I did the month was binge reading the manga to find out everything that’s is going on. I am completely up to date with the manga now, which is very far ahead of the anime.

April Mileage: 42.42 miles

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