Mileage Monday // First Week of April

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Monday ~ 2 miles @ 10:53/mi
It was Opening Day at Fenway, every Red Sox fans favorite day of the year. Rocked my New Balance Fenways and red socks to mark the occasion.

Tuesday ~ 5 miles @ 9:43/mi
Ran 5 miles for this cuties FIFTH birthday. How is he already this old? He is the cutest running buddy too.

Wednesday ~ REST DAY

Thursday ~ 3 miles @ 9:46/mi
The sunrise on Thursday though; it was some kind of gorgeous… Ran with my first ever Road I.D. About time I bought one for myself. I don’t have any major medical issues, but it’s good to have some form of I.D. on you just in case. Better safe than sorry! Also matched my socks to my Boston Strong badge…

Friday ~ 1 mile @ 9:43/mi
Some days — like every weekend day for the last couple weeks — I’ve been running embarrassingly short distances. But I’m getting out there and getting it done nonetheless!

Saturday ~ 1 mile @ 10:40/mi
Happiness is post-run coffee and a really good magazine.

Sunday ~ 1 mile @ 10:13/mi
Another short Sunday Runday in the books. Rocked one of my favorite pairs of socks, the ones that rocked the streets of the NYC Marathon with me.

13 miles total for the first week of April.

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