Skoshbox Megabox // April 2017

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Time for another Skoshbox review! Even better than last months too.

This months box seemed very spring focused, and for good reason. Spring has sprung throughout the northern hemisphere and one thing in particular, hanami, is very popular this time of year in Japan. It’s my dream one day to visit Japan during the hanami (flower viewing) season to see all the beautiful sakura in bloom.

But on to the candy!

1. Mochi Mochi Chocola
My absolute favorite from this months box. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake and this was without a doubt the best I have ever had, that isn’t mochi ice cream, that is. It had a juicy, strawberry cream filling inside and was pretty delicious for packaged mochi.

2. Yasahii Shoga
Ginger gummies. Not my favorite, but I do love gummies. The flavor is the thing that I wasn’t too fond of.

3. Popcorn Choco White
White chocolate covered popcorn. Need I say more? Seriously delicious, but so sweet I couldn’t finish them and had to give the rest to Colt. Clever idea.

4. Green Bean Mame
Baked green pea bites. I have definitely had similar here in the States and they also reminded me of wasabi peas, except they weren’t wasabi peas or spicy at all. The perfect salty snack.

5. Calpis Marshmallows
Marshmallows with tangy filling. Yum! Different from marshmallows here in the States, but delicious. Marshmallows here don’t have anything in the middle except more marshmallow, so I love trying ones with fillings. I have also had matcha-filled marshmallows from a past Skoshbox and boy were they fantastic.

6. Fettuccine Gummies
A familiar gummy brand! This time in a mixed fruit soda flavor that I’m pretty sure was grape. Love them and love the brand.

7. Koeda: Premium Cheese
Cheese? What? Well, cheese biscuits, I should say. Not my favorite, but certainly not horrible. It was definitely surprising to get cheese of all things.

8. Nama Hi-Chew Grape
Oh, how I love Hi-Chews. These were a premium grape flavor too and one of my favorite items of the month. These were gone in a flash.

9. Suppa-Mucho Chips
After the bad experience with the honey dried umeboshi in last months box, I was a bit hesitant about trying these ume flavored chips. (ume is pickled plum) But these chips were actually good with the perfect mix of salty, potato chip flavor mixed with a light hint of ume.

10. Bake: White Cookies
White chocolate cookie bites. Oh my. One of my top three favorites (can you guess the other two?). Super sweet though, but that’s white chocolate for you.

That concludes this months Skoshbox. There really wasn’t anything in this months box that I didn’t like. The cheese was a strange item, but I still liked it. There were a few white chocolate items this box instead of regular milk chocolate and I enjoyed the change. Can’t wait to see May’s box now!

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