Mileage Monday // Goodbye March, Hello April

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Back for the third Mileage Monday post. This past week I ran only a total of 9 measly miles, so for this first week of April, I will definitely be focusing on increasing that weekly total.

Monday ~ 3 miles @ 10:02/mi + leg workout
There is just something satisfying about waking up super early on a Monday and getting your workouts done, waking up before the sun and kicking Monday’s butt + doing so in new Pro Compression socks. Loving the pink City Camo socks; I ran the NYC Marathon in the blue colorway.

Tuesday ~ NO RUN, only upper body workout
SO the reason for no run on Tuesday was due to the fact that I smashed two of my fingers, one on each hand, at the very end of my upper body workout. The result made me quite lightheaded, so I decided to skip the run. My plan was to swap rest day, but that didn’t turn out and I just rested again on Wednesday.

Wednesday ~ REST DAY

Thursday ~ 3 miles @ 9:04/mi + leg workout
Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the socks, or maybe it was the two straight days off running, but my legs felt fantastic on Thursday’s run, even right after my leg workout. Shocking. Why can’t every run feel this great and effortless?

Friday ~ 1 mile @ 10:02/mi + upper body workout
Last run of March, bringing me to a total of 30.5 miles for the month. Less mileage than January and February, but I also didn’t run the first two weeks. Aiming for more mileage in April! AKA birthday month. P.S. I love green.

Saturday ~ 1 mile @ 9:52/mi
First run of April! Wore the perfect socks for April Fool’s Day too.

Sunday ~ 1 miles @ 10:08/mi
A short Sunday Runday filled with coffee, running, and rain. The perfect day off.

See you next Monday!

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