Mileage Monday // Last Full Week of March

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Just four more days left of March! Here’s the last full week in runs:
Monday ~ 3 miles @ 11:19/mi
First day of Spring! I had free coffee on a Monday for the second week in a row after my three mile run. Can every Monday be like this? Sidenote, how do you love the spring cups at Starbucks? I think they’re adorable.
Tuesday ~ 2.50 miles @ 10:45/mi
Oh do I love being up early enough to catch the sunrise; this is why morning runs are my favorite! It was a “two pair, don’t care” Tuesday, with both the solid-red sock and the red and white striped sock. It’s what you do when you just can’t decide which pair to wear!

Wednesday ~ REST DAY

Thursday ~ 4 miles @ 10:22/mi
Tested out the “workoutsnap” app to change my pictures up a bit; I love how you can move the text anywhere you want it on the picture. 

Friday ~ 1 mile @ 10:16/mi
Woke up later than I intended, so ran only a mile in order to get my run and workout done before my 11:30-8:30 shift. Didn’t hit the mileage I was supposed to do, but got in the work! Sometimes you just have to squeeze in as much as you can.

Saturday ~ 1 mile @ 11:18/mi
Had a very early one-miler to kick start my Saturday. Not enough time on my feet though to combat eight hours in the car.

Sunday ~ 1 mile @ 11:01/mi
Last run of the week and in the new Boston socks too! Aren’t they beauties? I’m quite obsessed with Boston; their sports teams, the marathon, the city itself. One day I’ll qualify, so until then I’ll get my motivation from the socks — and all my fellow runners who are running the race!

Weekly Total ~ 12.5 miles
1.5 more miles than last week, but another solid week of workouts/runs nonetheless.

“Consistency requires discipline. Force yourself out the door”

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