The First Mileage Monday

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A new segment! Yay!

It’s been a chill week of getting back to running. While I took my two weeks of rest, I brainstormed up an idea to recap my mileage weekly instead of just once a month, since I clearly don’t post enough now that pretty much all of my Japan recap is complete.

Week 11 of 2017 mileage (March 13-March 19): 11 miles

A sad number, but it’s better than zero. I’ll take it! I was getting a tad stir-crazy not running.

Monday ~ 2 miles @ 11:53/mi + leg workout
Not only did I wake up super early to get my workout and run done before 8 a.m., but I also got free coffee. That’s winning on a Monday. Back on the “never miss a monday” grind and my first run of March.

Tuesday ~ 2 miles @ 10:40/mi + upper body workout
Happy Pi Day, celebrated with post-run key lime pie. Yum! Run all the miles, eat all the pie. Opted for a post-work run and workout since I couldn’t get out of bed that morning.

Wednesday ~ Rest Day

Thursday ~ 1 mile @ 12:09/mi + leg workout
Sported the red Pro Compression socks in honor of the release of Beauty and the Beast! And of course, I had to drink out of my Belle mug. Belle has been my favorite Disney Princess as long as I could remember (along with Mulan) because of our shared love for books and adventure, so I was super excited about this movie and it was absolutely beautiful — not to mention Emma Watson is in it and who doesn’t love her?!

Friday ~ 1 mile @ 10:07/mi + upper body workout
St. Patricks Day run + post-run treat of Lucky Charms-flavored macarons. Seriously tasted exactly like the cereal; magically delicious. Favorite holiday because green is my favorite color.

Saturday ~ 1 mile @ 10:48/mi
First run in the new neon wings. Pro Compression never disappoints.

Sunday ~ 4 miles @ 11:59/mi
Sunday Runday miles followed by a latte at Magpie. Ran all week with Romeo besides today and he wasn’t too happy about that..

Sinuses are a little messed up this weekend because the Louisiana weather took a dip in temperature, on top of all the pollen falling.. Trying not to let it affect my runs though.

See you next week!

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