I know we say this every year and every month, but WOAH it’s already March!? Stop it. Well, that means a recap of yet another month of running.
Since I am not currently training for any big races, that leaves my mileage to be pretty chill and comfortable. The only race I had this month was the Mardi Gras Mambo 15K on the 11th; races start dwindling in frequency after the holiday season here in Louisiana.
This month I enjoyed getting to run in the beautiful limited edition Valentine’s Day Pro Compression socks and spending my Sunday’s at a local café, Magpie; they are the closest place around that makes that picturesque latte art and they’re my favorite stop for my post-run coffee.
It was a great month. The New England Patriots won their fifth Superbowl, there was lots of coffee, the Tokyo Marathon took place, as well as the Princess Half Marathon weekend (two bucket list items of mine) and I ran a good amount of miles for me right now while I’m not training. I’m doing me and this is what I managed this month: 68.1 miles
Bring on March!
(And on a non-running note: who else is super-duper excited about Beauty and the Beast releasing this month? Because I sure am!)
first run of february

the best kind of mail day

superbowl sunday miles and coffee

first run in the valentine’s day socks

that medal monday though

brunch @ magpie

brunch @ magpie

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