Skoshbox Megabox // March 2017

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After almost exactly a year, I finally renewed my Skoshbox subscription; it’s been far too long! I unfortunately had to cancel to cut back on some expenses while moving out on my own… When I was last subscribed, I had the Dekabox plan; it’s the second offered plan of three. But now I decided to go big or go home with the premium Megabox plan, the third highest option — and only for $35/month!

As you may know (or maybe not), I love Japan, especially their food, snacks, candy, etc. Everything Japan, I love. So as you can imagine, this box subscription is pretty perfect for me and definitely satisfies my craving for Japanese snacks now that I’m back home in the States. I also love trying new things, as well as indulging in my old, familiar favorites, so the set up of this box is exactly what I needed to try new snacks without feeling so overwhelmed with the options that daunted me in the Japanese convenience stores.

Now to the review!
1. Winter Limited Edition Pocky
This is one of three items I was more familiar with, although I hadn’t tried this particular flavor before. Pocky is pretty popular, even here in the States, and every season in Japan, they release a limited edition flavor related to the season. Being that I can’t read Japanese, I thought this was just a regular chocolate-flavor of Pocky, but wrong! It’s actually a hot cocoa flavor and oh so yum! The chocolate coating is also a bit thicker than most Pocky.
2. Yogurlet Candy
I like yogurt. I like candy. And I really love any candy made by Meiji. These were packaged like actual tablets and were a bit sour, but not unbearably sour. 

3. Crunky Popjoy
Little chocolate-cover rice puffs, that reminded me very much of Crunch bars. Although these were good, I’m not the biggest chocolate fan and gave the rest to my fiance.

 4. Alfort Premium Matcha Biscuits

This is the one thing in the entire box this month that I am 100% familiar with and I was so ecstatic to receive these because they’re my favorite! I literally brought back five boxes upon leaving Japan, I love these so much. We didn’t open these since we’ve already experienced them; we’re saving them for later because they’re so precious to us! It’s literally a chocolate cookie with solid green tea coating and almost resembles a candy bar in shape.

5.  Caramel Corn: Milk Cocoa

In my past subscription to Skoshbox, I remember receiving Caramel Corn before (but don’t recall the flavor now), so this was familiar brand. The flavor though, Milk Cocoa, honestly worried me a bit, but they turned out super delicious.

6. POM Sparkling Tangerine Gummies

I love gummy anything, so every thing gummy I have received from Skoshbox, I have loved. These were just the right amount of tangy and a very refreshing flavor reminding me of summer days to come.

7. Honey Dried Umeboshi

Okay, honestly was very concerned upon seeing the pictures on the package and I was right. These were my least favorite of the box; they were very dry, sweet and salty, but very dry. There isn’t much I dislike and these dried umeboshi made that list.

8. Nori Potato Chips

Who doesn’t love potato chips, especially seaweed-seasoned potato chips! I love me some seaweed. In case you’re wondering, these weren’t too fishy at all. Definitely an awesome salty snack to combat all the sweet snacks previously. These are already gone too, much to my dismay.

9. Veggie Consomme Ottotto

Don’t ask me what that means. All I know is that they very much resemble veggie chips, except these had a very strong tomato flavor. They are even shaped as adorable sea creatures. Oh, Japan.

10. Sweet Potato Cookies

Now I’m not the biggest fan of sweet potatoes, but these were actually good. I was nervous to try, but wasn’t disappointed. Very interesting combo, sweet potato and chocolate chip cookie.

That concludes all the items in this months box. Seriously loved everything except for the dried umeboshi….. And if I had to select my favorites, besides the Matcha Alfort’s that I’ve already had, my new favorite would have to be either the Caramel Corn: Milk Cocoa or the Winter Limited Edition Pocky.
After not having this subscription for a year, there have been some changes and all of them so far are awesome. I love how the monthly booklet that lists the box contents also now includes some educational topics about Japan. Learning everything about Japan from culture and customs, to food and history is something I love, so I think it was a great idea to include.
So if you love Japan and you’re looking for a box subscription that sends you snacks every month, I highly recommend Skoshbox to satisfy all your Japanese cravings.

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