It’s that time of the month. The time of month where I recap you guys on another month of running that is….

The first run of 2017 was in the quiet, pre-sunrise streets of Tokyo. Unfortunately, this was the only time I got my lazy butt out to run while on vacation. So much for all the running gear that took up valuable room in my suitcase!

And as soon as we made it back on the 11th, instead of immediately unpacking, I went straight for the mailbox to open my January “Sock of the Month” from Pro Compression. This was my first full month as an ambassador for them.

Rocking that Pro Compression Ambassador watch face on my Garmin. Got to represent.

1 miles @ 10:13 pace
January 15th, just four days after we returned from Japan, was the Louisiana Half Marathon (and full, but I did the half this year). Last year was my first time running the race, in which I ran my first marathon, so this year I opted for the half. Night before race day always calls for a flat runner!

I was hoping for a PR of a sub 2 half, but no luck this time. I’m not too far off though!

Jan 17

Jan 17

Jan 17 / 3.1 miles @ 10:15 pace

Jan 20

Jan 20 / 3.1 miles @ 9:16 pace

Jan 22

Jan 22
My “two pair, don’t care” for the New England Patriots advancement into the Superbowl!
This one is a rest day, but a running mail day nonetheless. This is how you properly do rest day after all.
Reminisced on my first half-marathon two years ago for this day (Jan 25). Oh, the feels. And the sadness that I couldn’t run the same race this year.
Fact about me: I like to get coffee after my runs. Who doesn’t? As if you weren’t hot enough, let’s drink so scalding hot liquid to make you even hotter. Thank goodness for AC.

Celebratory “Year of the Rooster” run.

Shared my growing Pro Compression collection since I was sick this day and couldn’t run. Sadness.

And the very last run of January. Already you guys!

January: 54.2 miles

Somehow I managed to get some mileage in the second-half of the month after running in Japan that ONE time the first half of the month. Wish I would have ran more; it’s a goal of mine to run when on vacation, just as a better way of seeing the place I visit, but it didn’t work out as planned.

Well, here’s to February!

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