The Last Two Days in Japan

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January 9, 2017

Our second to last day in Tokyo. We started off in Harajuku, visiting a cafe I found on Instagram before our trip outside Tokyo. The cafe is called Reissue and I highly recommend if your are a fan of coffee, latte’s, or latte art; they can make some creative art! But on our way, we spotted lots of young girls dressed up in a type of kimono called furisode. It just so happened to be Coming of Age Day or “Seijin no Hi” for all adults who turned twenty in the past year. Gorgeous kimonos everywhere!

On to Reissue, we ordered curry for our late breakfast. Yeah, curry for breakfast. It took a little bit of a wait for the latte’s, but they were so worth it. I chose a Totoro 3D art and Colt chose Gudetama doing judo, otherwise known as Judotama. Best latte hands down. In appearance and taste.

As much as we wanted to stick around and order more cute latte’s, we decided to move on with our day, heading to Akihabara, our favorite place. We grabbed kobe beef on a stick from a street vendor and it was oh so juicy and delicious. Then we did a bunch of unnecessary shopping considering our hotel room was already packed with souvenirs.

Outfit of the day in Akihabara.

 Passed some taiyaki designed like the Pokemon Magikarp, but they only had red bean paste filling….

For dinner, we decided to splurge a little by going to a shabu shabu restaurant. We had the crab and kuroge wagyu beef course and it was delicious. We were stuffed by the end, there was so much food.

And then, no other than ukemi daifuku for dessert. It’s similar to mochi ice cream.

January 10, 2017

Other day wandering the Tokyo streets aimlessly, trying not to think about the fact that it was our last day in Japan. We went on a scavenger hunt for Dragon Ball-themed food due to an event they had just started on this very day where you visit all the JR stations and collect Dragon Ball stamps. Some places even sold Dragon Ball-themed food like the stuff we found below.

Colt really had his on the Dragon Ball pork dumpling.

I, on the other hand, was all for the Dragon Ball macarons. They were orange-flavored though, and that was a little unusual. 

 We tried going to a museum that I had wanted to visit on our last Japan trip, but it ended up being closed. Maybe next time.

I spotted the Tokyo Marathon banner along the way and fan-girled just a tad. One day!

We did a little more shopping, went to a couple arcades to check out the claw game prizes, then headed back to the udon restaurant we visited on the second with Mori-san and Dr. Yoshida. I told you we would be back. My favorite meal of the trip that I miss so much, especially those lotus roots.

Outfit of the day in Shinjuku with Godzilla in the background. The last outfit in Japan!

January 11, 2017

The day we left Japan. I found some wagashi the night before — and ended up eating it all on the plane… I also managed to have my last matcha ice cream cone in the airport, right outside our gate, along with some airport curry that really wasn’t disappointing.

This post was a little rushed, but I really didn’t feel as if there was enough content to make three separate posts, so I compiled it into one. Just as I was in denial of leaving Japan, I am also in denial of finishing the blog posts about Japan. Bring on post-travel-blogging-depression.

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