January 8, 2017

We woke up early in Kyoto and caught a train to Osaka; seriously only about a thirty minute train ride. I grabbed a delicious, canned green tea latte from a vending machine on the platform while we waited on our train.

Upon arriving in Osaka, it was still rather early and dark outside, so we grabbed coffee at a Starbucks in the station, sitting down to drink it before setting out for our main objective: Osaka Castle. It rained lightly all day, so we had to purchase some cheap umbrellas before heading into the castle park. 

osaka castle drain (unsure if just for osaka park or for all of osaka?)

 The castle was absolutely gorgeous. My one disappointment is that on the inside, it’s completely redone to accommodate a museum comprising of the castles history; in no way does it resemble it’s original interior. The sadness. So I would definitely recommend skipping the museum since it isn’t free and just isn’t worth it, although the observatory deck has a great view. Just admiring the outside of the castle is enough!

The original Osaka Castle was built in 1583, but unfortunately it was reconstructed in 1931 and refurbished in 1997.

Next on the agenda: the Osaka Pokemon Center. And boy, was it the biggest Pokemon Center yet. Somehow I walked away without buying anything, including these giant stuffed Ditto’s.

Being really into Harry Potter, I couldn’t possibly miss out on visiting Universal Studios while in Osaka. But I do regret going off on my own excursion after having no choice by to wait nearly three hours to enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter via a time-ticket you have to schedule. It’s sort of like a fast-pass, but minus the fast; only a pass letting you know when you can enter the area. It’s that packed at USJ. This was my whole reason for visiting USJ, so on top of it being cold and rainy, I then had to wait nearly three hours before I could enter, with really nothing else I wanted to do there; I wanted to stay out of the rain as much as possible, but seating in a lot of restaurants was already full.
I did end up with a deliciously cute Hello Kitty pork bun and eventually after getting into the Harry Potter part, I got myself some hot Butterbeer. And all was well.

My outfit of the day, planned for this moment. I didn’t stick around much longer after this; I was pretty grumpy!

 As soon as I left and met back up with Colt, we decided to head back to Tokyo early; it was only about five. We were drained from all the cold and the rain.

Highlight of the Day

  • Osaka Castle & Hogwarts Castle

Favorite Food of the Day

  • Hello Kitty pork bun

Favorite Snack of the Day

  • n/a

Favorite Drink of the Day

  •  Butterbeer

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