January 7, 2017

It was nice not having to wake up super early to catch a train to Kyoto, thanks to us already waking up there! We did wake up pretty early though to visit Arashiyama Bamboo forest before the crowds started getting too crazy.

It wasn’t too hard to find.

The amount of people were surprising; there was possibly a handful of people visiting, so we were in luck. It’s a lot smaller than the pictures I had seen made me think, but it was still just as breathtakingly beautiful. A perfect, peaceful start to our morning.

Next up, Kinkaku-ji temple, the famous Golden Pavilion. We had to take a bus to get here, instead of a subway like we had been taking. One spectacular view after another to start off our morning on the right foot. It cost to get in and we didn’t stick around long; just long enough to soak in the spectacular beauty of the temple, before heading out to find green tea ice cream with gold leaf sprinkled on top. Yum!

The famous Nishiki Market was next on our list. To Downtown Kyoto we went. It was a nice change of pace from the super touristy areas of Arashiyama and Kinkaku-ji, although this market was just as packed, but at least there was food now! We saw lots of fresh produce and seafood, and certainly some weird foods as well.

After getting our fill of Nishiki Market, we stopped fora lunch of soba and tempura right outside the market.

We then crossed the street to visit the Kyoto Pokemon Center. Of course, we would manage to find another Pokemon store.

Next up, Gion. And as we were crossing the street into Gion, we spotted actual geisha!

We were lucky enough to see a few geisha wandering around, visiting their patrons. It wasn’t hard to tell where a geisha was either, thanks to the mass of photographers waiting outside, cameras in hand. So naturally, we followed suit.

Found some wagashi and sakura mochi in Nishiki Market and decided to munch on it while we waited for the geisha to reappear.

After exploring Gion, we headed for Kiyomizu-dera, one of Kyoto’s most popular Buddhist temples.

And as if I hadn’t had enough ice cream in one day, on our descent from the temple, I found sake-flavored ice cream. Talk about delicious.

Somehow we managed to walk all the way back to our hotel from Kiyomizu-dera, where we rested our feet a bit before heading out to dinner of beef bowl and udon.

Highlight of the Day

  • seeing a geisha

Favorite Food of the Day

  • beef bowl

Favorite Snack of the Day

  • sake ice cream

Favorite Drink of the Day

  • N/A

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