Kabuki, Smart Sushi, and Kodokan Judo

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January 5, 2017

Another chill day in Tokyo. We started with a visit to the Kabuki Theatre in Ginza, since we really wanted to see a kabuki play the last time we were in Tokyo, but they were closed at the time. Somehow, we managed booking our tickets to the four-hour session and we only made it barely half-way; we couldn’t keep our eyes open! If only we would have caught a shorter performance.
I did manage to find some wagashi in the shopping area below the theatre. Wagashi is a traditional Japanese handmade sweet, mostly made from plants, and usually served with tea. I fell in love with it, especially all the super cute designs they make the confection into — my year of the rooster one! This one I tried had a red bean paste filling and was actually quite delicious despite my opposition to red bean. I loved it so much, I went to buy another after we left the play.

Colt’s main plan for the day was to attend the first practice of the New Year at the Kodokan, the first school of judo that we practiced at on our last visit to Japan. So after a little wandering post-kabuki, we headed to the Kodokan and Tokyo Dome area; they are literally right next door to each other. There was a kaiten-sushi restaurant in the area I had visited a couple times on our last trip that I wanted to stop by again for dinner. It’s one of my favorite experiences from Japan, and the sushi is so cheap and still delicious! Since we were so close to it, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit.

I purchased some of my favorite sushi, tuna belly rolls and bluefin tuna nigiri. Any type of tuna, I love it.

After dinner, we walked next door (practicully) to the Kodokan and watched the kids class before Colt went down for practice himself.

Highlight of the Day
  • visiting Smart Sushi again

Favorite Food of the Day

  • tuna @ Smart Sushi
Favorite Snack of the Day
  • wagashi
Favorite Drink of the Day
  • N/A

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