A Chill Day of Cafes and Onsen

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January 4, 2017

After visiting Matsumoto the day before, we had to make a game plan for when we would visit the other cities on our list. So the next two days were spent back in Tokyo to accommodate our plan.

We started the day in Harajuku with our minds set on going to an owl cafe. Unfortunately, you need to make a reservation a day or so ahead of time because it’s that popular, so we couldn’t do that. Instead, we chilled outside of a cute little spot called CookieTime, that specializes in cookies, shakes, and flat whites. I bought a flat white and five mini chocolate chip cookies. This spot was actually featured on a video by one of my favorite YouTube J-vloggers. Sadly, I didn’t see here there, or anywhere in Japan….

the famous Takeshita-dori in the background

Without much else on our list for the day, we swung by the famous Cafe Kitsune since we were in the area again. This time it was thankfully open! It is pretty pricey, but it was on my list of cafes to visit. I got the delicious matcha latte.

I wanted all of their fancy coffee accessories.

After we finished our drinks, we decided to go to our first onsen (an indoor hot springs)! We chose the Oedo Onsen Monogatari that I had read about in my Tokyo and Japan books, as well as watching some of my J-vloggers visit. It’s one of the most popular ones in Tokyo most likely due to the amusement park vibes on the inside. You are able to rent yukata to wear throughout the onsen until you get into the actual hot springs baths; the baths are gender-divided, and naturally I didn’t take my phone in to that area. There was an indoor and outdoor section to the bathing area as well. It was quite a thrilling experience, one I will never forget. We ended our visit here with a relaxing 50-minute massage; my first ever massage! It was heaven.

For dinner, we had some yummy katsu-don; fried cutlet over rice. YUM.

Highlight of the Day
  • Oedo Onsen
Favorite Food of the Day
  • katsu-don
Favorite Snack of the Day
  • the green tea ice cream I got inside the onsen
 Favorite Drink of the Day
  • matcha latte from Cafe Kitsune

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