Happy New Year’s From Japan

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January 1, 2017

…..Even though we aren’t in Japan anymore!

New Year’s Day. The day the hunting for Lucky Bags gets serious. We really wanted the Pokemon Center bag, so we headed for Ikebukuro first thing upon waking up — well, after grabbing coffee and breakfast, of course.

To our misfortune, they were already sold out. We learned later that these bags are so popular that they actually can be preordered, and that they sell out really quickly due to the long lines waiting for them.

After 2017 officially being ruined on the first day — just kidding –,  we went to J-World on the same floor as the Pokemon Center. Our main reason for this was just for the Dragon Ball Z part of it; we are huge DBZ fans and we didn’t do this on our last trip. The entrance fee was only about $8, but that’s only if you don’t do any of the attractions; we were still able to eat at the themed restaurant and look around, which was pretty fun in itself.

I just so happened to meet Goku, the main character of the Dragon Ball series. My day was made.

The food in the cafe really wasn’t too expensive, plus it was really good — what I got at least. There aren’t many options for each of the popular anime’s; I just stuck with Dragon Ball and Naruto. I had the Naruto ramen and the Dragon Ball cotton candy and drink. The cotton candy literally looked like Goku’s Flying Nimbus cloud he rides around in Dragon Ball. And the drink was orange juice with blue whip cream on top, resembling Goku’s Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan hair in Dragon Ball: Resurrection F. I live for fun cafes like this.

New Year’s “outfit of the day” on the train platform as we headed back to the Omotesando area in search of a cafe I really wanted to visit that ended up being closed, as well as the Lululemon that we found.

 After spending much of our afternoon walking around Omotosando, we went to the Gonpachi restaurant, otherwise known as the “Kill Bill” restaurant because it inspired the scene in the movie. Colt had soba and tempura while I had the Gonpachi pizza and toro on a stick.

After dinner, we stopped by a nearby Family Mart on the walk back to the station. I ended up finding the matcha Alforts that we had loved so much last trip, stocking up on a few and getting dessert.

It was a very chill New Year’s Day.
Highlight of the Day
  • Kill Bill restaurant

Favorite Food of the Day
  • Naruto ramen

Favorite Snack of the Day
  • Häagen-Dazs matcha ice cream sandwich

Favorite Drink of the Day
  • the Dragon Ball orange juice

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