Exploring Around Mt. Fuji

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December 30, 2016

Day Three in Japan! Woo! We were still on a high from being newly engaged naturally, and on top of that, I found out the morning of December 30, that I was accepted as an ambassador for my favorite compression sock company, Pro Compression! The ambassadorship runs throughout 2017 and when I thought couldn’t possibly be any more on cloud nine; good stuff just kept happening!

We woke up early on December 30 in order to see the sunrise hit Mt. Fuji. I am envious of all the citizens of Numazu who get to wake up to that view every day. Unfortunately, after getting access to the hotel roof for the best, unobstructed view, it was still too cloudy to see anything. Bummer!

We ate breakfast at our hotel (which I don’t think I mentioned the name of; Numazu Castle Hotel), and then set out in the car for another spot to view Mt. Fuji. We are clearly obsessed with this flawless mountain. In this area near Mt. Fuji, it was hard to look out of the car and not spot Mt. Fuji peaking through the clouds in the distance; I certainly wasn’t complaining about that!

¬†The city we ended up stopping in to see Mt. Fuji was Shimizu.We made a quick snack spot before our final destination, picking up some powerful wasabi crackers and some not so powerful wasabi KitKat’s (I had been dying to find them; they really aren’t strong and are still very sweet in taste). We also tried free samples of hot green tea and I tried dango for the first time. Dango is very like mochi, being made from rice flour, but it doesn’t have a filling; we got the three-colored dango, just like the emoji! Colt had previously bought other types of dango that had a think, brown sweet sauce coating; I didn’t like those at all! Just give me the plain dango please.

Vending machines are everywhere in Japan. They sell a variety of things from the usual drinks, to alcohol or cigarettes, even ice cream and coffee. Can we get some vending machines like this in the States?

In Shimizu, our main objective was to get yet another exceptional view of our beloved Mt. Fuji. Mori-san, playing tour guide since the day before, seemed to know exactly where to take us: the beach. Another black sand beach, at that. The view from this beach, Miho no Matsubara,was just as wonderful as the others, if not more so because it was the least obstructed, minus the clouds. If it wouldn’t have been for the clouds….! Regardless, I got a decent picture of my ring with the background to finally show everyone that had been dying to see it.

We actually watched this fisherman catch this tilapia. Later, we found out that even this size could sell for $200!

Shimizu is actually a bit further southwest than Numazu, so after leaving the beach, we finally started back east, towards Tokyo, stopping for lunch in a small city call Mishima. Once again, I don’t know the name of the actual restaurant, but I took a picture of the outside! Colt had never tried eel, so Mori-san and Dr. Yoshida ordered two different kinds for his to try; one plain and the other bbq. I had another chirashi lunch and a miso soup on the side; YUM! For dessert, green tea ice cream.

Japan seems to do this thing where their sewer covers are decorated to represent the area. I started seeing the pattern and made sure to capture as many of them as possible!

On the road again, creeping closer to Tokyo, we ended up stopping again, to my surprise. This spot is also in Mishima, closer to Hakone. At first, Mori-san and Dr. Yoshida were talking about a bridge coming up soon and I thought they just meant we were going to drive over one. No. They were actually talking about Skywalk, a 400m suspension bridge that you walk across. It was a bit terrifying at first, due to the swaying, but when we crossed back over, it wasn’t so bad. This bridge being built a little higher up in the mountains than we had been, due to being by the bay, which gave us spectacular views of the bay itself AND of Mt. Fuji, who quickly hid behind the clouds as soon as we saw it.

After lots of traffic and with a horrible headache, we finally made it back into Tokyo after a wonder day in Numazu and surrounding areas. Dr. Yoshida had other plans, but Colt and I went out to eat with Mori-san, his wife, and his daughter. They led the way to Shinjuku, where we had dinner at a restuarant famous for their yakitori, something else we had yet to try in Japan. Yakitori is literally fried meat on a stick and it’s absolutely delicious. We also had some fried tofu to go along with our yakitori.

After dinner, Mori-san took us to another place nearby for Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, a type of pancake made with countless ingredients stacked on top of each other. It wasn’t sweet like a pancake either, except for the sauce drizzled on top. We tried four different kinds, but by the fourth one, my headache was so bad and I was so full and sick feeling, that I didn’t even get a picture of it…. And let’s just say that the night ended with me never wanting to eat or see another okonomiyaki again….

Highlight of the Day

  • Being accepted as a Pro Compression Ambassador
  • Beach view of Mt. Fuji

Favorite Food of the Day

  • Assorted chirashi bowl

Favorite Snack of the Day

  • three-colored dango

Favorite Drink of the Day

  • N/A

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