We were in Japan for 14 full days, although we arrived on December 27 (and left Japan on January 11); we left for Japan December 26 @ 8 a.m. CST from New Orleans. Japan is approximately 15 hours ahead of Louisiana (CST), so if you have done some traveling, you know how crazy hopping time zones can be. Leaving from New Orleans, with a connecting flight in Dallas leaving @ 10:15 a.m., we ended up arriving in Tokyo on December 27 @ 3 p.m. (1 a.m. back home!). Crazy, I know. So we lost a day, but we gained it back on return to the States. The 26th and 27th were literally spent traveling, and by the time we got out of the airport after customs and security and made our way to our hotel via an hour train ride, it was about 6 p.m.

We stayed at Flexstay Inn Higashi-Jujo, a small (incredibly small) hotel literally right next door to the subway station — and a 7-Eleven, our favorite convenience store in Japan that we missed oh so much. The first thing that we did after dropping off our bags in the hotel room? Ran across the street to grab a quick and easy dinner from 7-Eleven, of course! I chose fried rice and a salmon onigiri (a rice ball with filling of countless possibilities in the middle); they are seriously my favorite snack/food, that are perfect especially for when you are on the go; I ate them whenever possible.

7-Eleven is one of the things we really missed about Japan. That don’t have any around us in Louisiana, and the one I visited in NYC in November was disappointing (probably because it didn’t have all the yummy things that Japan has). I’m only a little bias.

We crashed early that night, tired after all the traveling we had done. Lots of adventuring to do the next day!!

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