My absence is inexcusable, but here I am at last.

Starting with the first run of December — when I was still fresh into the Runner’s World Winter Run Streak….

Kept the mileage low leading up until the Baton Rouge Beach Half-Marathon. Seems like it worked too.

Packet pick-up went smoothly. I was out of there in ten minutes, although I was sad there weren’t many booths.

NEW HALF MARATHON PR of 2:00:49. Shaved off 19 minutes. Ran in the rain 90% of this run….

A full medal rack =)

Put my waterproof skin to good use running in the rain for the second day in a row.

And the third day….

Luckily got my hands on the Ugly Sweater Remix Pro Compression socks and of course snapped a picture just short of arrival.

The first of many runs in these beauties.

The day that my streak died due to my sinus infection….

Back at in on Wednesday
Mix & match

Trying to stay festive

The very last run of fall!

Winter came! First run of it + my medals from 2016
Today’s run with my friend Maril!

Coffee afterwards. Always the right choice. Run all the miles, drink all the coffee, right?

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