Day three. The day before the largest marathon in the world. And this day I got to spend completely with Colt, acting as tour guide; he had never been to New York City before. There were still some things I hadn’t done that I thought he should do too, so we set off early on our adventures. 
First stop, the breathtaking World Trade Center memorial…. The last time I was here, in 2008, it was only a bunch of construction, preparing for this now beautiful spot.

Right across the street is the Oculus. It’s probably the most stunning architecture I have ever laid eyes on for a shopping mall or hub of transportation, and it even gives this stunning peak at the Freedom Tower from within. We didn’t stay here very long before setting out for the next destination….

We followed this random group with a tour guide on our path to Battery Park, passing by Trinity Church and the Charging Bull along the way.

I had to get the rub for good luck for race day the following day!
Battery Park was rather empty when we arrived at it, probably due to our earliness. We opted out of taking the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty close up and instead just admired her from afar. Making Colt’s New York City bucket list already more than halfway checked off..

On to Wall Street we went! An unplanned stop on our path, but I thought Colt should see it since we were right in the area.

Isn’t this the most awesome Starbucks location you have ever seen? Yeah, we absolutely loved Chinatown. I wanted to go hear solely for Cha Cha Matcha tea and it was another stop on Colt’s list of things to do. Cha Cha Matcha was delicious, but then we stumbled upon another tea shop, Yaya Tea, that sold Onigiri! Onigiri is a rice ball wrapped in seaweed, usually with a filling of sorts inside; I prefer salmon ones. I was so ecstatic to have found this place; I hadn’t had this favorite snack of mine since we came back from Japan the summer of 2015. Obviously, I was in heaven.

Next stop: Rockefeller Center! Our objective: Top of the Rock. I had been to the top of the Empire State Building before and had heard that the view from Rockefeller Center is much better — until afterwards when I was told about the view from the Freedom Tower..! It was a beautiful day though and the views were stunning, nonetheless.

After coming down to street level, we headed straight to Nintendo, passing by St. Patrick’s in the process.

Check out that disappointing National Debt Clock! Woah!

We headed back to the hotel after a couple more hours just walking around and shopping, visiting Grand Central Terminal and grabbing a quick lunch. I needed to rest these legs up as much as possible for race day. As much as possibly when all you want to do is explore!

Dinner was at Little Steamed Buns Ramen. It was our first time trying pork buns and we are effectively in love with them now. The ramen was just as good as well, but I think I preferred Ippudo. But I’ll take what I get over waiting in crazy long lines!

After returning from our early dinner, I laid out all of my necessities for the next day. I couldn’t risk forgetting anything, although I did forget a few items for the picture itself…

Next up: race day!!!
Until next time,

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