I celebrated Valentine’s Day with my love Wednesday, so today I am doing a summary of our day plus two V-Day inspired outfits that I adore.

Colt and I had a busy weekend ahead of us thanks to work, so we opted for an early celebration. We went to my favorite spot, La Madeleine’s, and spent the rest of the day together, resulting in me making some AMAZING curry for our dinner. Wife material? I think so! As you can tell, my shoes matched my peacoat way better indoors than outdoors…. The struggle.

(Dress: Shop Hopes; Peacoat: Forever21; Heels: JustFab)

Now for the Valentine’s Day inspired dresses! These two dresses have really needed some love; I have never had the pleasure of actually getting to wear them and that saddens me because they are plainly gorgeous! Lace is a favorite of mine, if you can’t tell.

(Dress: random online site; Shoes: Target)
(Dress: Hollister; Shoes: JustFab)

Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe it give you an idea for your Valentine’s Day attire, as simple as these two dresses are! (It’s not quite cold enough for a coat..)


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