My First Instagram Round-Up

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Instead of waiting a whole month to bring you a blog post, I am going to try doing a weekly post today and see how I like that. Brace yourselves.

It was a cloudy, therefore casual, Monday this week. Not to mention warmer it should be in January. I pulled out a cardigan my boyfriend gave me on our second Christmas; it’s certainly a versatile and cozy fave, and also from Express. I just wasn’t up for being so casual as to wear activewear all day.
(Hat + Shirt: Target; Cardigan + Jeans: Express; Shoes: Old Navy)
I love me some green tea ice latte

Tuesday, the weather was horrible all day, raining just about every second of the day, except for the time-frame in which I choose to run for the first time since my marathon three weeks ago. I needed a break, my body and my mind, and now I am finding it difficult to get myself back out there. Seriously have to work on my motivation for running, right now!

Wednesday, it was a good deal cooler outside, thank goodness. It gave me the chance to wear one of my super soft sweaters from Target over a white button-up. It was actually a very comfortable outfit, I might add. The only problem was walking around and trying to keep the wind from blowing my skirt up…

(Sweater + Flats: Target; White button-up: Tommy Hilfiger; Skirt: Forever 21; Stockings: Urban Outfitters)
Friday, yesterday and today? Casual. VERY casual. Activewear casual, in fact. With working everyday, it made getting dressed up difficult when you don’t have time to go anywhere besides the gym! As you know, I get a lot of my favorite workout clothes from Walmart or Forever 21. And that’s exactly where I got these beautiful new pair of tights! They are probably a new favorite of mine.

(Tights: Danskin by Walmart)
(Half-Zip: Danskin by Walmart; Tights: Spalding; Shoes: Nike Free)
(Sports Bra: Danskin by Walmart; Hat: Old Navy; Half-zip: Forever 21; Tights:

Thanks for reading!

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