I wanted to try something different, so I am compiling multiple outfits from this first month of the year into one post instead of several individual posts. It’s not a lot of outfits, but it’s something. And unfortunately, it’s been a lot hotter than these outfits let on….

(Scarf: Target; Long Sleeve shirt: Victoria’s Secret; Jeans: Express; Boots: JustFab)
Outfit #1: It might have been cold that morning, but the weather told me that at noon it would be in the 70’s. I already had my outfit planned out and wouldn’t have it any other way. Stubborn, I know. This is probably my second favorite look since I look so much like my favorite anime character, Mikasa, from Attack on Titan.

(Vest: Walmart; Half-zip: Adidas; Tights: Avia from Walmart; Shoes: Brooks Launch 2)
Outfit #2: Just the typical attire of a runner, even though I have taken off exactly two weeks to rest from my marathon. I love dressing casual just as much as formal.

(Hat: Forever 21; Blazer: Goodwill; Long sleeve shirt: Victoria’s Secret; Skirt: Forever 21; Stockings: Urban Outfitters; Flats: Target)
Outfit #3: MY FAVORITE. Over-the-knee stockings/socks are my new favorite thing, and I finally managed to wear my tweed blazer I found at the Goodwill, of all places! That might be a new favorite, thrift shopping! This look definitely made me feel like a history teacher.

(Hat: Target; Trench Coat: Express; Jeans: Express; Shoes: Target)
Outfit #4: Last but not least. It was a cloudy day, so I brought out my favorite trench coat even though it didn’t rain; it definitely finished the outfit and kept me extra warm and cozy.
I hope you enjoyed this end of the month compilation of outfits, what few that there were!
Fashionably late,

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