Let’s ring in the New Year with a little bit of memories and then some goals for the new year!!!
Here are my favorite memories/highlights:
•Traveling to Paris (arriving NYE in Paris from London)
•Running my first Half-Marathon in January (my first Full is only two weeks away!)
•Getting promoted to orange belt in judo AND practiced @ the Kodokan
•Becoming more consistent in the gym, giving me some wicked results, keeping me coming back for more
•Traveling to Japan
•Climbing Mt. Fuji
•Getting gold at a judo tournament
•AND LASTLY, making a lot of PR’s in running, the most recent being 20 miles.
And bring on the goals!!!:
New Year, new goals:
•Inspire/help others
•Eat healthier
•Run more (especially more big races!)
•Continue lifting consistently + make more gains
•Do more judo
•Do more yoga
•Learn more German & Japanese
•Save money, BUT travel ()
Being consistent in my favorite things is important; it’s how you improve. Can you believe I didn’t miss a day in the gym this whole year–until these last couple weeks… And I saw results because I stuck to it.
Here’s to 2016 and crushing my goals. It is going to be even better, with hopefully more travel, more judo, more lifting, more running, more PR’s, and most importantly, a more healthier ME.

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