Ever since “hitting the wall” exactly two weeks ago during my should-have-been 18 mile run that ended up a 16 mile run, I have been taking a break/rest from running. It probably was not the best idea at this point in training, but I came back extra rested and stronger for today’s run. Plus, my body thanked me for those two weeks off and I also did not want to burn myself out.

Today I conquered 20 miles, somehow, but not before my Garmin died on me at mile 19.50! Good thing I know my route so well that I knew when I would make 20 miles. I was worried I would hit the wall again, but I better prepared myself this time; no cramps at all! The last couple miles were a struggle, but I finally made it. Thanks to a lot of determination.

Three weeks out from the big race day; let the tapering begin!

Runner girl,

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