Welcome, Over-The-Knee Boots

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At last, the perfect fitting black suede, over-the-knee boots are in my possession. Check check check. Oh, and did I mention that I found them for under $100? CHECK! I highly recommend checking out Daily Chic if you want to add a pair to your wardrobe as well, because how can you possibly pass up a deal like that? I can’t afford those name brands, sorry. But that is the fun part of fashion blogging, working with what you have and what you can afford. At least how I do it anyways! I am not above thrift shopping, let me tell you. There is nothing wrong with name brand things, just the fact that my poor college wallet can’t handle that kind of price tag. Fun fact: I was actually worried these babies wouldn’t fit over my thick, muscular thighs since I tend to have that issue with thigh-high socks, BUT they do in fact fit and are actually a bit roomy in the thigh area. Very unexpected.

Here is today’s Outfit of the Day. Colt and I was snapping pictures for Christmas gifts, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for an OOTD to capture these beauties. More fashion to come, thanks to the holidays!


(Hat: Target; Sweater: Target; Skirt: Express; Boots: Daily Chic)

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