It has been such a busy week that I am now resorting to one huge blog post incompassing the goings-on of my week.What with it being finals week, things were a little out of routine, and I had finals Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; definitely different than my usual schedule.
This week you get not one, but TWO “Outfit of the Day’s”!! How exciting! I know I am excited because I enjoyed the outfits. You saw my first outfit Tuesday, but my second outfit however, although rather plain and casual, I felt like the silkiness of the tunic was just enough to make it dressy enough to go out to eat and go Christmas shopping with my boyfriend for our celebration of four years together. I hadn’t worn it in a while, and I was dying to wear my lace-up flats again! Opportunity made. I also chopped off all my hair and got it re-colored!
(Tunic dress: Apricot Lane; Shoes: Old Navy)
Outside of the fashion area, I managed a six-miler Tuesday after my finals, a 5K Saturday with my two nieces and a 16-miler today before work at four. I slacked off some this week on the mileage; my body is dying for a break. My nieces are incredible and I am so proud how amazing they did running the Girls On The Run 5K. They sure are fast little troopers! It was the most fun 5K I think I have ever done, just seeing all those children running with their family members, it was so sweet. We all stuck together and finished as one team.

Now about today’s run. Ha. I was going for 18, but “hit the wall” at 16. How nice. I couldn’t possibly continue, but I PRed and that’s nice at least. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, listening to your body is a good thing! Now I just need to alter some things to prevent that happening again, especially on race day five weeks from now!!!

Romeo was also able to take his picture with Santa yesterday. He was actually a lot calmer than expected! He’s the cutest!

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