Marathon training has taught me a lot. I know I have said it before, but it is constantly teaching me something new about myself. Even after running for pure enjoyment for six years, there is still room for learning about my body and how it responds to running. This is my first marathon to train for after all. Something I learned recently is that my body performs better in the evening, instead of waking up early and hitting the pavement immediately; it gives my body a lot more time to naturally warm up, definitely something I didn’t notice before when I didn’t have to run all the mileage I am running now.
But today’s run was literally the most mentally draining run ever; my first of its kind. I am still not sure how I mustered enough motivation to run today’s designated miles, but I somehow managed. My watch may say it took me two hours to run 12 miles, but in actuality it took around three hours; I kept stopping mile after mile, not because my body was tired but because my mind just couldn’t take it. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. I hope I never have a run like this ever again…it was the most miserable experience.
On a happier note, I put the Christmas tree up today; a lot later than usual too. AND 6 more weeks (41 days) until the big race day, which I am even more nervous about after today’s failure of a run.
The mentally worried runner,

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