Hello December! How is it December already, might I add?  The year flew by way too fast, but it just reminds you to never take life for granted and live every day to it’s fullest. CARPE DIEM. I feel like this relates to marathon training in many ways. How do I already have only six weeks left of training? It will be Jan. 17th before I know it and I will be freezing at the starting line, most likely regretting my decision! But enough of that for now before I have an anxiety attack…
I started off my December mileage with a four-miler. Sometimes I try to switch the runs around depending on my schedule and the amount of miles I have to log, but yesterday’s run stayed the same (although I should have went ahead and tried for eight miles…) It rained lightly for a mile and it was the most refreshing, pleasant thing. I used to REFUSE to run if it was raining, but I have really taken quite an appreciation for it. Plus it’s rather cooling when it’s been hot and humid. No one likes to run in that kind of weather, or at least I hope not…
Starbucks released a new holiday drink: the Holiday Spice Flat White. If I have not said it before, I will say it again: I LOVE COFFEE (in case it was evident already). Starbucks, honestly, is my favorite place. There is one near my house, they have great quality tasting coffee, and that’s what matters to me. Do not give me weak coffee, please. I promise I am not high maintenance, I just know good coffee when I taste it. Anyways, this holiday take on the flat white: yum! I felt like I drank a Christmas tree. It’s not a drastic change from the regular Flat White, but it sure is something I am going to miss when the holidays are over. I like to try all the news drinks Starbucks releases, and this one is an A+.
No “Outfit of the Day” post for today. I know I usually post them on Wednesday’s most weeks, but with it being rainy and the last day of classes, I just was not feeling it. Workout clothes all day and I am not even going to the gym. Oops.

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