What a fantastic week. I hope everyone else had a great one as well, filled with rest, relaxation, shopping, family, and lots of food–and lots of exercise for the my fellow fitness junkies reading. It’s crazy just how fast the week flew by and Christmas will be here before you know it. I don’t know if I am sad this week is over because that means back to classes tomorrow, or if I am excited because this is my last official week of classes, followed by Finals Week. Two more weeks of college, then it’s a six-week long Christmas Break. Feeling some mixed emotions right now, because these next two weeks are not going to be pleasant. But this past week was!

Monday: I had a short day of classes, but no classes Wednesday due to Thanksgiving Break. I was off work for almost a whole week too, how nice? I spent my days just like any normal day, getting in my upper body workout, leg workout, or run when I was supposed to. Unfortunately my running was a bit lighter this week than it was supposed to be, and I am disappointed in myself if though I couldn’t help it. Sometimes our bodies (and the weather) have a different plan than our minds do. Today’s run was especially a disappointment; I was supposed to run 16 miles, but could only manage 2.50 due to the switch back to hot weather we are having here in Louisiana, and the fact that my body is just TIRED. It’s truly upsetting. BUT on a more positive note, I did finish November with 93 miles (out of 117), and I am happy that I managed such a number even if I didn’t reach my goal. At least I can run at all! I am thankful for that.

Tuesday: Nothing eventful except a three-mile run in my new running socks my amazing sister bought me that I posted about that same day. They are SO comfortable. I also bought some new workout tights that I am absolutely in love with. They are both from Walmart and under $15 a piece. What a steal! See, this is why I wait, instead of paying $80 for a pair! Danskin coming in clutch.

Wednesday: The most exciting thing was picking up our race packets from Varsity Sports in Baton Rouge, and also picked up some of my favorite fuel items for my long runs. HoneyStinger waffles are officially my new favorite snack, and you should know by now that Coffee-flavored gels are naturally my favorite, doesn’t matter the brand!

Thursday: Started off with the Turkey Trot in downtown Baton Rouge with my love. We both managed to run our fastest 5K (26:42), although we still do not know what we placed because the results have yet to be posted…. With the majority of my family out of town, I spent the whole day with Colt (aka my love/boyfriend/etc), ate lots of yummy food for lunch and surprisingly did not go Black Friday shopping! What are the odds. That was the first time in perhaps five year! There wasn’t anything we really needed, so there really wasn’t a point for us to go–plus we both had work the next day! I also managed an “Outfit of the Day” for the first time in forever (sorry). I finished off my Thanksgiving with a trip to the gym around six. Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t give me an excuse to skip!

Friday & Saturday: Consisted of work in the morning, and lounging/relaxing afterwards. Leg day was Friday, and I wanted to take it light in concern for my long run Sunday (today), but that clearly did zero good. I still ended up slightly sore.

( tights: Danskin )

Sunday: Well, you already know how that unfortunately unfolded in the running area….. On the bright side, my sister returned from her family trip to NYC with my macarons from Laduree I sent her on a mission for. Literally the best macarons I have ever had in my life, and it’s unfortunate there is not a nearby Laduree.

(rose, vanilla, coffee)

Whew, that was a lot. I hope you all enjoyed the recap of my Thanksgiving week, and I hope yours was just how you wanted it to be!

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