Not many people get very excited about socks, but us runner’s do! And if you are a runner reading this, you will understand. Hopefully. To everyone else, just bare with me and soak in my foreign to you passion.

I get excited about running socks. Not even kidding. Who would have thought? They’re just socks after all. NO. They are magical socks that feel completely different than your average sock, I can promise you. These babies are designed for runner’s after all! There are moisture-wicking socks, socks that will help support your joints, reduce friction, you name it. Just the feeling of having one on your foot is way different than a regular sock. Running socks are wonderful.

In the last couple months, my love for running socks has grown and developed based on my marathon training. I never used to run as many miles as I am logging per week until this training–which I am actually LOVING by the way–so I never experienced a need for a special type of running sock; I just had two official pairs and a pack of Walmart brand running socks I swapped out. Well, little did I know that socks with a cushion/padding around the ankle would become my best friend in training. Without the cushion, my heels became Blister City and started hindering my runs, setting me back a few more miles than I would like.

A month ago, I found a great, cheap pack at Target that had the right amount of cushion and that was all I was running in lately, until my sister surprised me with two bright, colorful pairs for Feetures! Thrilled was an understatement. My first official pair of running socks were Feetures, given to me by her husband; they came up a little above the ankle. He also gave me a simple pair of white Swiftwick socks. No cushion but both pairs still comfortable. Today was my first run in my new Feetures and it was pure heaven. Not only are they beautiful, but no friction what-so-ever. That’s a win in my book! Guess who knows exactly what type of socks to buy from now on?

In love with her new socks,

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