What a weekend! Especially for accomplishments.
My boyfriend and I left after I got off work Friday and drove to Houston; we both a judo tournament the next day! I wasn’t nervous until right before I had to step on the mat, so I put my game face on and did my best. Which ultimately ended in me recieving 1st place in my weight class! I wasnt expecting that but of course I was ecstatic that I somehow achieved it. My opponent was 10 pounds lighter than me, so they may have definitely played a factor.
After our matches were over, we changed and headed into the heart of Houston to get some ramen! My manager recommended it to me, so it’s been all that I could think about. The boyfriend and I LOVE Japanese food. Japanese anything really.
Jinya Ramen. If you haven’t been there, you need to go if you’re in the area and a fan of Japanese cuisine. I ordered the Tonkotsu Black Ramen with the Tokyo Curry Rice and salad combo, and for dessert Green Tea Mochi Icecream. The best ramen I have had since Japan–although I haven’t had any since!! It really tastes just like the ramen we got in Tokyo, so that is a plus! The curry was absolutely delicious; I ate every bit of it. It tasted different from the kind we have been making at home, but that makes sense. The mochi ice cream though….phenomenal, but really cold! I didn’t like regular mochi in Japan, but finally getting to try it in ice cream form? Oh boy, that was incredible and 100x better.
I even picked up the Texas “You Are Here” mug from Starbucks. How could I pass up the opportunity? I feel like it should be a bit bigger though, since everything is bigger in Texas.
Today though. I was contemplating switching today’s run and Tuesday’s run because I’m just so tired from traveling and judo, but I decided to go ahead and run what I was supposed to. And I’m so happy I did. I made a new PR! The last time I ran this far was back in January for my 1st Half-Marathon, which I finished in 2:23. Today I beat that time by 21 minutes. I couldn’t be more happy! Or tired!
Time to rest these weary legs, and possibly my eyes,

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