Another month gone already; it flew by so quick and was filled with lots of miles, 65 to be exact. Woah. Only seven miles more than September, but I can already tell November is going to be a whole lot more.  I had some issues this month on a few of my runs; soreness and uncomfortable aches that hindered my training, but I made the most out of it and tried to run as much as I could.

Today for instance, I was supposed to run 12 miles, but ended up with a cramp that just wouldn’t go away, and usually my cramps I get while running ALWAYS go away. Today was not that day. So I resorted to shortening my run to only four miles and I’ll just reschedule my 12 miles for Tuesday. Either way it goes into the mileage for November!

I sure am ready for another month full of miles, that’s for sure. Marathon day is getting closer and closer, and will be here before I know it. And today was actually the NYC Marathon, so I’m green with envy naturally. Never did I think that I would want to run marathons, but with Boston being a dream of mine, I have to! Now I’m addicted and I’m only training! Also, the lottery opens for the 2016 NYC Marathon sometime in January and I’m planning on entering, much to my surprise still.

Although I had several great runs, I also had some not so great ones. So here’s to another month of consistent running and zero injuries!

Wish me luck,

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