Changing things up today with a fitness-related “Outfit of the Day”! I know I’m excited because I love my workout gear and running gear just as much as my other clothes–maybe even more. It’s who I am and that is exactly what I want to share on my blog.

Fitness is something I genuinely love, so talking about it on my blog is a must and sharing my favorite pieces of workout or running clothes is just a plus. Also, I’m not always dressed up; 85% of the time you’ll see me in comfortable workout clothes or running clothes, since I spend a good amount of my time working out or running.

My love for fashion carries over into my fitness gear; I like to match and look stylish, plain and simple. Usually I am doing other things, going to class or running erands, outside of the gym or a run, so I like to still look presentable and stylish even after a workout. But that doesn’t mean I’ll jeopardize my workouts just to look cute! I promise there has been any occasions where I have went grocery shopping after working out and tanning, and those smells don’t mix well. Bless the people in the grocery store that had to walk in my vicinity.

So here are the details for today’s fit OOTD:
Hat & Shoes – Nike
Half-Zip – Forever 21
Crops – Academy Sports (BCG brand)

More of these to come because I don’t do them enough and I love them,

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