If you read my last post, you know somewhat that hats have been my favorite accessory since childhood. There is just something about them that I absolutely love, and having your family say how good you look in hats helps too… Everyone has their favorite accessory, am I right? And mine just so happens to be hats.

Hats are the perfect staple accessory for not only fall, but all other seasons as well, depending on the versatility of the hat. Baseball hats, active wear hats, you can wear them year-round, but there are some hats that just look better in certain seasons, you know? Straw hats for instance, or felt hats.

My favorite place to buy my pretty, wide brim hats? Target and Forever 21; they have the most affordable prices in the right styles that are currently in season. A lot of my other hats come from a variety of other places; if I see a hat I like, I buy it if it’s within my price range.

Even if hats go out of style one day, I will still love them and wear them, all shapes and forms. They make the perfect accessory, in my opinion, since I’m not big on jewelry besides watches.

Hat lover,


(Forever 21)


(Left: Unknown. Middle: Target. Right: NYC street vendor)

(Both Juicy Couture)

(Nike and Brooks)

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