If you know me, you know my love for coffee–and my coffee mug collection. It may seem pretty obsessive, but everybody collects something, right? Well, I just happen to collect coffee mugs (and books and Pop! Funko’s); it goes great with my love for coffee.

Last year was my first year to take a group picture of my collection, so I decided I would do it again this year with all the mugs I have acquired since. A few of them I bought recently since I was not into collecting mugs at the time of these trips, such as the New York City, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas mugs. The three Disney mugs–Epcot, Tree of Life, and Cinderella’s Castle–are all mugs that were released after my last trip to Disney, and I couldn’t possibly miss out on them. I currently have my eyes on all the Princess Dress mugs…but boy are they expensive if you buy them online!

When family or friends go on vacation, usually I tell them to bring me back a mug, so three of them are gifts; one from Hawaii, where my sister had her honeymoon; one from California, where one of my good friends went to practice judo with Ronda Rousey(!); and one from my boyfriends mom on her recent business trip to Chicago. The rest I purchased on my recent trips to London, Paris, and Tokyo, or either at my local Starbucks. They have the best quality and design, in my opinion!

Unfortunately though, I am rapidly running out of room for all these mugs. Same goes for all of my books, as well. All donations for space can be sent via Paypal…. Just kidding! But the collecting continues…..

I hope you enjoyed this non-fashion, non-health and/or fitness, non-travel post as much I enjoyed writing it and sharing a bit of myself with you!

Mug collector,

(2015 National Coffee Day)
(LAST YEAR’S National Coffee Day picture)

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