Remember that too short for public dress? Well, today I tweaked it just a tad by adding my favorite chambray shirt tied around my waist. It made the perfect third-piece. I seriously have come to love dresses like never before, embracing my girly side while still looking sporty chic with my slip on Vans.
I know what you’re thinking, I should have been wearing LSU since it’s game day, but I had this outfit idea on the brain. And once I set my mind on something….!
And that is where those delicious looking macarons come in. Since I didn’t treat myself the last two days, I was adamant on doing so today with macarons and Butterbeer. Unfortunately, Lolli and Pops (the most precious candy shop in the nearby mall that has an array of candy from all over), was sold out of Butterbeer and had quite the wait list… As bummed as I was about that, I knew I could still get those cute little macarons.
Now, Ladurée is where it’s at. That was the first place I tried macarons, and I have since tried others, but they still come through as the best in my eyes. The macarons from Lolli and Pops, while more diverse in flavors and still quite good, will just have to do until my next trip to a city with a Ladurée. They weren’t nearly as fresh, but the different, wacky flavors was a plus.
Still satisfied with my purchase,

Dress: Choies Clothing ; Shirt: American Eagle ; Shoes: Vans
(Green Tea, Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, Smores, Cappuccino, Vanilla)

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