Week 2 is officially complete; only 16 more weeks to go until the big day! Today, I ran the designated seven miles and wouldn’t have been able to do so as good as I did without the help of some running fuel. I used to have a StrideBox subscription, a $15 monthly subscription for runners. It is certainly my favorite box subscription I have tried so far, but unfortunately it was not in my budget while I was hardcore saving for Japan. I miss it dearly and have been contemplating every day about renewing it because their stuff is absolutely great, exactly what any runner needs!
Thanks to StrideBox, I was able to try new things (the reason box subscriptions exist!) to fuel my runs, or to prep before a run, or replenish my body after a run. They send a multitude of items from great brands (brands I have heard of and brands that are completely new to me), my favorite being anything edible! Today, I used two products that they introduced to me for my long run, and they are indeed my favorite finds.

  • My very first StrideBox introduced me to the delicious Pro Bar Bolt Organic Energy Chews in Berry Blast. I had tried energy chews before by Clif (Shot Bloks), GU Chomps, Bonk Breaker Chews, so many now. The last two being from StrideBox when I first tried them. But I have to say, these Berry Blast Chews won over my heart (and taste buds) instantly. I am a lover of chewy/gummy candy, and these make me feel like that is exactly what I am getting while giving me necessary energy for my run. There are actually two servings in one package, which I utilized during my half-marathon in January, eating the first serving before the race started and putting the rest in my fuel belt to eat when needed during the race. Each serving contains 20mg of caffeine. Try these if you are looking for a yummy energy chew for your long runs and if you don’t like energy gels!

  • Untapped Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. OMG. I had been saving this gem for a long run and decided today was the day. All I can say is, WOW. I was wondering when I received this item why is was more watery feeling than other energy gels, but I assume it was meant to be that way. This though, was the bomb.com of energy “gels”, if you can even call it that due to it’s consistency. It literally had me pause in my run to savor it’s deliciousness, tasting exactly like maple syrup. One pack contains: 100 calories, 26g carbs, and 26g of sugar. Pure yumminess. Sign me up to move to Vermont. No doubt about it, I will most certainly be carrying one of these in my fuel belt for my upcoming marathon. Okay, maybe five. By far my new favorite.
I have had several other great finds from StrideBox besides energy chews and gels, and I will start doing more reviews as I try the items still remaining in my stash (and the new items I receive upon renewal). This box subscription holds a special place in my runner heart and it kills me to have missed out the past few months, but it was necessary.
If you are a runner looking to try new running or training enhancing items, I highly recommend StrideBox. I know I will be relying a lot on their products to get me through this marathon training. Plus, trying new items really is exciting!
So if you will excuse me, I have a pint of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and a Lemon-Lime Gatorade to enjoy,

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