Whoops! Almost forgot about today’s weekly post. It will just be the norm, a short and (hopefully) sweet outfit discription.

So I bought this adorable, black & white striped T-shirt dress from Choies (one of my new favorite places). It can be difficult determining your size, since it comes from China and the sizes vary in measurements. What you may wear on their site in a small, another similar item might be a medium. I should have kept the measuring tape nearby; I don’t know my measurements by heart. I ordered a medium in this dress, just in case. When I tried it on today to wear to class, I realized just how short it was on me. Not so short where you could see my tush, but it stopped pretty close beneath it. Obviously, this made me very sad. It isn’t a skin-tight dress, by no means, but if I bent over, there was the chance of it riding up, and I just did not want that happening.

Flustered and pushed for time, I contemplated what I could possibly wear to class instead. I was already prepared to just throw this dress on in the morning, and be about my day. No. I tried on a couple casual v-necks paired with my favorite cut-offs, and then CLICK. Why don’t I just tuck the dress in?! And that’s exactly what I did.

Converse, cut-offs, and black & white stripes. The perfect casually, grungy look. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the outcome.

Choies really is a decent clothing site, with a lot of trendy fashions. Their prices are perfect too for a college student like myself. You should definitely check them out if you’re in need if a shopping spree on the cheap.

Hoping you have some instant fashion inspiration in the midst of a clothing crisis like me,

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