The last full day in Tokyo. It was such a bittersweet one and another one of my favorite days, despite the imminent departure date. We slept in long enough to allow for some much needed rest, but without missing breakfast. Then we set out for nearby Asakusa!
Main objective: Senso-ji temple. We spent a good couple hours here just walking up the shady strip, perusing all the souvenir shops. So many options. The strip, just beyond the first gate, is called Nakeamise-dori. We ended up buying several souvenirs there actually, getting rid of a lot of the extra money we had; they had the best stuff!

For lunch, we walked down a connecting side-street, where I ended up purchasing some Sake Onigiri and indulging in more matcha ice cream. We sighted muscular men pulling rickshaws. Poor things. It was too darn hot for that. After our lunch break, we headed back to where we left off.
Closer to the main temple, you see a 5-storey pagoda to the left. That is actually the 2nd tallest pagoda in Japan, reconstructed in 1973. The temple was so flashy and yet so beautiful. Especially if you caught a breathtaking glimpse of Skytree in the distance. I loved getting to see the old mixed with the new.

Upon leaving Senso-ji, I managed to find matcha taioyaki! It was really good, but the last couple of bites were difficult to swallow.

We hoped in visiting the Kabuki theater to watch one of the acts, but we found out when we arrived that they just so happened to be closed that day! The shops below the theater were open though, and we walked around there just to get out of the sun and until we could think of another plan.
Not too surprising, we ended up back in Akihabara, our favorite place. Colt tried some free fancy video games, one being called the Oculus. It was a rather bulky headpiece that covers the eyes, limiting your vision to the game alone. Our last stop, was a book tower on the edge of Akihabara where we bought a few Japanese novels/manga to help us practice our Japanese. Let’s just say books are A LOT cheaper in Japan.

Senso-ji was my favorite part of the day besides the Yodobashi store in Akihabara where I did even more souvenir shopping. Pretty sure we spent two hours just on one floor! I ended up with some great souvenirs though, not just from Yodobashi.
We headed back to the hotel early enough to get our packing done and with one last 7/11 meal. It was such a phenomenal trip and we are dead serious about returning–for good!! Got to finish college first…!
Thanks so much for keeping up with my travel posts. I hope you felt like you were there as well! It is really a great, safe, and clean place to visit. It was such a privilege and an honor to get to train at the Kodokan, and just be on this trip in general. Not many people are lucky enough to travel, and I am so thankful I had this opportunity.
Now, where to go next…..?
Jetsetting globetrotter,

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