Your Body is a Reflection of Your Lifestyle

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These words couldn’t be more true. Your body displays just how healthy and active you are, what foods you eat, etc. Some people are lucky, and others have to work for it. But your body shows the fruit of your labor.
Have your heard the saying, “What you eat in private, you wear in public”? I am sure you’ve came across it before. Same goes for what you DO in private. Whether it’s yoga, running, lifting weights, whatever form of exercise it may be. Some people don’t workout, whether it’s from lack of motivation, good genes, or maybe they are just happy where they are.
For me though, I have to work to maintain the level of fitness I am currently at. Of course I want to improve, and I’ll have to work even harder in doing so. And just looking at me you can tell I am active. All because our bodies are a reflection of our lifestyle.
I feel that everyone should work towards feeling happy the way they are, but that doesn’t excuse you to be unhealthy. Health is just as important as your self-esteem and confidence! And you can still be healthy without being skinny-mini.
Be happy and healthy,

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