On the eighth day in Tokyo, I wandered around solo. Wouldn’t be the first time I walked around an international city alone. It really isn’t a difficult city to navigate and it certainly isn’t unsafe. Paris on the other hand….but I wasn’t even scared. I had DisneySea on the brain since the night before, so that was where I headed first thing in the morning at eight.

Tokyo DisneySea didn’t have the same feel as the Magic Kingdom would, but it was a different theme park; I told myself I had to visit it and check it out. I definitely didn’t feel like I was in Disney anymore. It was a lot like EPCOT, because there are several lands or Port-of-Call’s in which to visit. It was a scorchingly hot day, and not too fun all by myself. I managed though, thanks to some of the refreshing, Mickey-shaped treats offered.

I started off in the Mediterranean Harbor, doing a lot of looking since most places were closed or under construction that day. I actually felt like I was in Venice for a moment, looking out on the man-made canals, where a gondola was floating. I’ll save the actual gondola ride for when I really visit Venice.
American Waterfront was next, a mix of big city charm and New England fishing village. There was so much Duffy merchandise and attractions, I was amazed. I had never heard of Duffy before and it appeared to be the craze here.

Then there was Port Discovery, the Lost River Delta, and the Arabian Coast–one of my favorites. It was the place where I just so happened to run into Princess Jasmine, Jafar, and Genie. The costumes the cast members had to where here were on point. No sightings of Aladdin though.

Mermaid Lagoon was next. Definitely my favorite. And it appears Ariel is indeed a favorite at Tokyo DisneySea. Her castle was magnificent, so different from the usual Cinderella’s Castle I was accustomed to. You could ever go INSIDE the castle, where there was plenty of AC in the darkness, and also several of the Ariel-themed rides and attractions.

After, Mysterious Island was next, but I only stayed there long enough to by myself my first churro–and it was Mickey shaped.
I liked how different DisneySea was, but Magic Kingdom will forever and always be my favorite. Surprisingly, I didn’t purchase a single souvenir there!
After leaving Tokyo DisneySea, I headed straight for Harajuku and walked along Takeshita-dori. I went into as many shops as I liked, usually the ones that held my interest. But surprisingly only bought stuff at the Forever 21 just outside the street. A lot of the shops weren’t on my “traveling budget”, but it was fun looking nonetheless.
I was ready to head back to the hotel and kick back after all the walking I had done. It was only four in the afternoon when I got back to the hotel, but I was drained. Walking in that heat all day was exhausting, but I am glad that I managed to do something else on my long list of must-do’s in Tokyo.
That’s it for today, not one of my favorite days. A short one too. Stay tuned for the next 5-6 days!

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