Back From the Land of the Rising Sun

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Officially back in the States, and already missing Japan. We were gone for two full weeks and we fell in love instantly. (By WE, I mean the boyfriend and I) We could definitely see ourselves moving there; I am pretty dead serious about it, just not sure if the boyfriend is or not..

I am of course going to miss so much about Tokyo. The fashion for one! To some, the Japanese fashion may not be very appealing, but I loved it; it depends on the type of fashion you see as well. Some of it very Harajuku style, and I am personally not into that as much, but it was definitely interesting to see. I prefer the other side of the style spectrum, the more casual, not as wacky, looks. They are very modestly dressed, not trashy looking like you see a lot more here in the States. While their skirts can get pretty short, their blouses aren’t very low-cut; they’re more of a leg society (they don’t mind showing off a lot of leg, but not the breasts), which is A-okay! ‘Cause I am lacking in the latter… Anyways, I really wanted to come back with a ton of Japanese fashion. Sadly, the dresses I bought from Forever 21 and Gap don’t fall into that category quite so much. I can work with it though to make it look more Japanese. I DID however, buy a pair of adorable thigh-high socks/pantyhose, that have a cat head at the top of the sock where it ends on the thigh. They’re sadly pretty sexualized here, but in Japan, no one thinks anything of it. I can’t wait to try wearing them. It will definitely be an interesting occasion.

Can you tell I bought a lot of souvenirs? You can certainly see a glimpse of my nerdy side, but that’s okay! I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, and Pokemon, as you can tell. I couldn’t leave without some of this! I will categorize it according to theme, even though I really want to try to make a Japanese Haul vlog… We shall see!
Pokemon merchandise:
  •      Eevee plushie (plushie’s are very popular in Japan, but I didn’t want to bring a thousand back)
  • Eevee swinging phone plug (also big in Japan, they are little charms that go into the earphones hole of your phone)
  • Eeveeloutions Sweat towl (a lot of people carry around sweat towels because it’s so darn hot!)
  • Eevee socks
Dragon Ball Z merchandise:
  • Two figures for my bookshelf, Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan form
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai fan (that I bought the last day!)
  • Dragon Ball manga in Japanese (so I can practice learning)
  • Two very small Gacha items, a Beerus and a Goku
  • Goku keychain and a Vegeta keychain
Attack on Titan merchandise:
  • Two more figures, Levi and Eren
  • Mikasa keychain
  • Stitch phone plug
  • Tuna nigiri keychain
  • Lucky Cat for my bookshelf
  • Pack of Japanese geisha magnetic bookmarks
  • Three pairs of chopsticks
  • Blue sweat towel (was a gift)
  • Three pairs of Japanese style socks
  • Mizuno gi bag for judo
  • Samurai sword umbrella
  • Miniature hiking stick from Mt. Fuji with some of the stamps from the stations
  • Mugs, of course! I can’t leave without mugs. Kodokan mug, Starbucks “You Are Here” mug, and Mt. Fuji mug
This trip was probably my favorite ever. The flight was long, of course, but getting to be there for two weeks was perfect. Now I have a LOT of laundry to do… But I will be doing posts for the activities we did!
Until next time,

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