What a weekend! It was indeed a very busy one for me.
Starting Thursday night, I had a judo seminar for girls only with AnnMaria De Mars. Who is that, you may ask? Only a 60-something year old, sixth-degree black belt, and the first American to win the World Judo Championships, out of male and female. She just so happens to be Ronda Rousey’s mom too. No big deal. There was also a seminar Friday night for both boys and girls. She was such an amazing, fun teacher. I can not wait to utilize the material she taught us!
Saturday was the Freestyle Judo Nationals that I competed in. I lost both of my matches to chokes, but still ended up in second place. There was not as many girls to compete with as I would have hoped though.
After a day full of judo, I rushed home and speedily freshened up to the best of my abilities in a thirty minute time-frame, for an early birthday dinner for my boyfriends mom. Instead of rocking judo braids and casual clothes, I opted for a hat, heels, and slightly less casual clothes. Immediate confidence boost right there, instead of looking like a post-judo bum.
Outfit #1 Details
          Hat: I am actually not sure about this. It was my sisters and the tag reveals nothing.
          Shirt: Abercrombie
          Jeans: Express (my favorite)
          Shoes: Target
          Purse: Coach
Today was also a fabulously fun day. I went to church with my mom, then spent the rest of the day at the nearby waterpark with two of my siblings, their significant others, and my two nieces. Needless to say, I am pretty exhausted after all the activities this weekend was full of.
Outfit #2 Details
         Shirt: American Eagle
         Skirt: Express
         Heels: Target
         Purse: Coach
Going to try to do this kind of post more often!

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