Bookworm, Coffee Drinking, Meg

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Give me a book and a cup of coffee, and I will be one content young woman. If you follow me on Instagram, you definitely see a lot of pictures of books and coffee, or both. Not just outfits and fitness! I can’t go a day without coffee and I have been a bookworm since I will a little girl.

I have been getting a bit more creative with my photos too, as you might be able to notice. It makes me proud at least..

As you can also tell by the photos, I am a Game of Thrones and Harry Potter fan. Seriously two of my favorite series. I also have an unnatural love for classics, hence me being an English major? A lot of Young Adult novels nowadays just aren’t my taste, to be honest.

Sorry for not posting much lately. I had been considering “vlogging”, but I just don’t think it’s quite for me, just yet anyways.

Usually reading, and proud of it,

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