Up Early, Got Dreams to Chase

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It is always a challenge for me to wake myself up early for a run, but when it does happen, it’s worth it. My goal for this summer was to wake up early to get my workouts accomplished early on in the day that will leave me with the rest of my day free. Or on days that I have work, I can go straight home instead of straight to the gym.
Well, that hasn’t gone as planned the two or three weeks we have been out of school. Maybe a handful of times, but that is about it… This morning was one of those mornings, although it was dedicated to the pavement and not to the gym.
I had absolutely no problem whatsoever getting myself up out of my cold room and comfortable bed. I threw on some running clothes, my favorite running shoes, and my Garmin before I even had my contacts in. It got me thinking about how much I love the feeling of waking up early to run. It makes me feel not only refreshed and productive, but also it also has a nice view and it isn’t nearly as hot.
It also lead me to think about a new goal, to run every day until we leave for Japan. That is 47 days from now…. Good luck to me. I have never had a significant running streak like this, so hopefully I can do it. It will also come in handy for my marathon training which I have realized I will have to drag out longer than the training plan is, due to the marathon I am doing being in late January. So I will consider this streak a little warm-up to my marathon training, a spark on the fire.
In order to reach your dreams, you have to chase them. Time to kick my determination into overdrive.

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