The World Is Your Treadmill

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When it comes to running, my place of choice is the great outdoors. It is by far my favorite. After all, the worlds best (and free) treadmill can not be found in the gym.

90% of the time, I run around my neighborhood and the close-by, surrounding areas instead of getting in my car and driving somewhere. My favorite place that isn’t my neighborhood is about 30 minutes away… Let’s just say I envy those fellow runners who live in cities or anywhere not as country as where I currently live. My neighborhood is not gorgeous, but I can still see nice sunrises or sunsets, obstructed by tall pine trees of course.

As my Bucket List will tell you, I long to run everywhere I travel. Not necessarily legit races, but any form of running possible. I failed doing such on my most recent trip to London and Paris, unless you consider running to catch a subway train… This is definitely something I strongly regret and hopefully one day I can return and actually go through with this task. My goal is to not let this happen on my upcoming trip to Tokyo, good thing I will have my amazing boyfriend there to remind me of it and make me stick to it. They say the best way to see a place is to run through it, so that’s what I am aiming for on my future travels. Got to stay active on vacation somehow!

All in all, I believe the outdoors is too beautiful not to run in, no matter the weather, and seeing it on a run can bring a whole new perspective. It is a great way to appreciate nature and life itself.

I am not saying treadmills are bad, but I just prefer breathing fresh air and no TV in front of my face. I get a little bored on treadmills, but that’s just me. I even tried reading an actual book once while running on a treadmill which resulted in sweat stains on the pages…

Enjoy the outdoors,

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