Today the sweet boyfriend and I spent pretty much the whole day out and about in town, hunting down hiking gear we need for our upcoming trip to Japan, where we will be hiking Mt. Fuji. Naturally, I did most of the purchasing.
I purchased my first official pair of hiking shorts, Patagonia Women’s Baggies Shorts in Nettle Green. They are 5 inches long. Green being one of my favorite colors, I was dying to have them, even if they won’t match!
We went to several other stores in the area that sold hiking gear, and then we thought we would try out hand at TJMaxx. I lucked up in finding TWO pairs of the Sonora Pass Capris made by Columbia, in black and khaki.
The material of all three bottoms I found is so comfortable and airy, I love it. I am definitely looking forward to this trip.
As for my outfit of the day, I regret wearing this cardigan since it was so unbelievably hot in my car when we were in traffic. But now that it is officially summer, it was nice to get out instead of staying around home and only going out to the gym or work.
Stay cool, summer is here!

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