I don’t “diet”, and I don’t believe in using that term. Instead, I eat according to my goals, to lose fat and gain muscle. Junk food satisfies you for a minute, that evil delicious stuff, but being healthy and fit will satisfy you for life.
Normally I do not eat my post-workout meal with lunch, but today I did. I was starving having been away from home from 9-2. I ate breakfast at 8:40ish, had to drive 40 minutes away for my last final at 10:15, then I returned my textbooks, hit the gym, and stopped by Walmart to grab my niece a birthday gift. Yeah, I was definitely hungry. I usually do not wait even 30 minutes after the gym to eat, but I was at least an hour and a half over that today.
Therefore, today my lunch of sorts was 65g of protein!
Carbs = 41g
Fat = 10.5
Total Calories = 455
I sincerely LOVE tuna, and I eat it on just about a daily basis. Quest bars, I finally love as well, after much trial and disgust. Gala apples and Honeycrisp apples are by far my favorite. And my Gold Standard 100% Whey in Coffee is something I look forward to every day after a workout–although I personally prefer it with milk rather than water!
This is just something I eat, and it works for me. Everybody has different tastes when it comes to food, especially healthy food. I personally would advise eating as well as you can, and treating yourself is fine, but you should eat healthy the majority of the time. 80/20 like I read in Jillian Michaels “Slim For Life” book. Eat 80% good, 20% not so good. Just like you may have heard the saying “Fitness is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition.” You can workout all you like, but if you aren’t eating good, you won’t get the results you want. You have to eat good to look good.
Make wise choices!

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