It can be hard to wake up early in the morning, when the sun is barely even up, and lacing on those running shoes. Sometimes if you wait all day, you end up skipping. It’s happened to me countless times.
I personally wish I could wake up early every morning, and I applaud those that can. It’s something I want to make a habit of this summer once college ends. Nothing is quite more beautiful than a refreshing run in the early morning light, dew on the ground, and not too hot. But sunset runs can be just as beautiful and cool.
Running close to sunset has always worked best for me and my schedule. I refuse to run at the peak of the day when it’s sweltering hot, because here in Louisiana, it usually is just about every day of the year. I don’t know how some do it. It is just far hot here for that! The weather here is very unpredictable though, in the winter especially. It can be in the 20s one day, and in the 70s the next.
In the summer, for me, it’s either a late evening run around sunset, or somehow, a miraculous morning run. I love my sleep, and it’s so hard to part with my bed on those summer days. The rest of the year, once the temperature starts dropping and sticking, I can run just about whenever. That is my favorite time of year to run, and I am already missing it and cold weather running gear.
I have never had the pleasure to run in the snow. Lucky northerners. Or maybe I am the lucky one! But I have finally developed a liking for running in the rain. I use to refuse to run if it started raining because I would get soaking wet and what not. One day I ran with my dog when it rained and it was one of my best runs, and at least my pup stayed cool that way while still spending time with me. Although the run left my shoes smelling something awful…
Today’s 3-miler for Day 2 of marathon training was a sunset run and it felt perfect outside. The drawback is if I stop to tie my shoe or adjust my sock, the mosquito’s attack. Please come back winter!

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