Yesterday being my birthday, I turned 20! I still can’t believe it. It seems only yesterday I was in elementary school. Time sure does fly.
So this is my take on how I feel about getting older: depressed! Sort of. It will have it’s pro’s and con’s. But my outfit also matches this drab weather we are having today. Where is the sun on Sunday?!
I had a fantastic birthday, thanks to my sweet boyfriend and my loving family. Even my work make it a nice one with free food!
My boyfriend took me to eat at IHOP where I devoured egg whites, bacon, hash browns, and of course, the much-anticipated chocolate chip pancakes! They are my favorite, and I ate decent all week just thinking about them.
After work, I was greeted by my siblings, grandmother, mom, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend along with an amazing Oreo ice cream cake. Let’s just say Saturday was my cheat day this week. It was my birthday! Now time to get back on track.
As for outfit details, the top and heels are from Target; my skirt is from Express; the purse on my wrong side is from Coach (you’ve seen it before!); and my lips are Diva Red by Rimmel London! I’m starting to really LOVE their moisture renew lipstick.
Happy Sunday

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